Performance hit upgrading from 17" to 24" panel


I have quite an old pc (athlon xp 2600, 1.5 gb, ati 9250) that nonetheless is ok for web browsing, photo editing (Rawtherapee, The Gimp) and office work.

However, I'm beginning to find my desktop a bit cramped. Web pages are usually too wide to fit my screen resolution and GUIs tend to leave too little space for real work, specially photo editing applications.

I'm considering replacing my 8 years old 17" CRT by a 24" LCD - probably an HP ZR24W) and I'm concerned about a performance hit when switching from 1024x768 to 1900x1200 resolution

Any advice? Btw, buying a new computer is currently not an option.

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  1. As long as you are not playing games there shouldn't be much of a performance hit at all.

    The HP ZR24W is a good inexpensive choice.
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