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This morning pc was running normal , it was fast , responsive and all that . Now (after like 6 hours ) i got on it and it's lagging like hell. I don't know if this helps , but my brother got by mistake a stupid uniblue , make your pc faster program which was making a scan on the pc when i turned it on . I closed the scan and it lagged so hard i couldn't get to My computer or log on a messenger.

Few days ago i had the windows recovery error so i reinstalled windows so everything is new , plz help me

Thanks in advance!
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  1. i went in safemode , deleted uniblue , now when i start pc it says something like error uniblue
  2. Go into msconfig and find all references to this uniblue and disable them from starting in both Services and Startup. Reboot and then delete the folder that this product created under program files.
  3. Or you can simply do a System Restore before your brother installed the uniblue.
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