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Sound detected sometimes?

Hi, I have an audio problem where I'll turn on my computer and for some reason the speakers don't play anything from the front panel or back panel audio ports, but I can plug in my headset in to the USB front OR back and I can use those to listen to music or whatever task. It's not that much of a problem since I can just reset my computer and the audio appears to play through my speakers again using the audio ports (front/back), but I was just wondering is this a motherboard problem? and if it is, then how come my USB slots don't seem to be affected by this, but the audio ports are? Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.
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    This is not a problem really, the audio is setting to USB as a default. It's just engineered that way.
    True, the USB/HDMI/analog outputs have a way of "selecting" themselves as default. Which can be kind of a pain when you want to switch to another output.
    But you should be able to open the audio software and select the default without restarting the computer (maybe).
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