Athlon XP Dual Proc?

Is it still possible to use an AMD XP processor in a dual processor motherboard successfully, and with the same performance as the MP?

I'm interested in investing in a dual processor system, but I do not want to spend the extra money on the MP, if I can get a faster XP for the same price.

I'm interested in the Barton series of processors.
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  1. AMD made a change a while back that prevented you from running a standard XP as a MP. I have a couple of older XP1700's that work just fine in a Tyan dual board, but the newer one's have been disabled.

    That being said, I believe you can modify the newer chips to work in MP mode if you are up to modifying the bridges. Take a look at this site (about half way down the page);

    I've never had much luck trying to modify the bridges cause they are just too small, plus it'll void your warranty for sure if you try it!

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