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Hi guys i have a serious problem .i formatted yesterday my pc, today i installed the drivers then i activated windows and it needed to close the pc to be saved.but when i booted my pc it keeps rebooting and makes a strange sound.

hardware: mobo b75m-d3h gigabyte,i3 3220 win 7 32 bit home premium please help
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  1. Making a strange sound and boot problems usually points to hard drive failure....what was the reason for the format?
  2. What type of sound? A beep?

    If so, then you've got a speaker installed in your computer, and the beeps are warning messages processed by your POST/BIOS.

    Count how many beeps there are, if they loop and if they are short/long or a combination.

    Find out what the brand name of your BIOS/POST is and find a list of what each beep means.

    Use Google.

    I am not being rude, just trying to give you some incentive to work out the problem yourself.
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