First home audio set up. Help me choose my hardware

I am working on my first home audio system

For my receiver: Denon AVR3312CI

Subwoofer: Polk audio Psw505

Two front speakers: Polk audio Rti a9 black

This is a budget system for under $3000. I want to be able to upgrade to 5.1 or 7.1 in the future. What equalizer should I get, and what do you think of the components I have chosen so far?
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  1. What are you wanting this system to do? Music, movies or both?

    The receiver seems like a good one. Denon makes excellent equipment.

    I would recommend the EMP Tek 7.1 series and that receiver.

    EMP Tek 7.1 or the 5.1's.
    EMP Tek review
    You simply cannot beat the price/performance of these speakers with anything Polk makes.

    Denon receiver = $1200 at amazon.
    Emp Tek 7.1 = $1,890.00 from / 5.1 = $1640
    Total = $3090 7.1 or $2840

    Slightly over-budget (7.1s) but 100000% worth it. The 5.1's you could always upgrade to 7.1 with 2 more bookshelfs when you can.

    Then cables and speaker wire. I would recommend Blues Jeans cables. Excellent products and a great price.

    For some reason, I can't add functional links. Sorry about that.

    *edit 2*
    Apparently they fixed themselves... odd.
  2. Ok I will check those out. Thanks!
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