Dothan CPU of the future?

Look at this review, it's in French but the benchmarks speak for themselves. The numbers are almost unbelievable but if they are true then AMD needs to come up with something better than A64. A 2.4 GHZ version of Dothan beats its top of the desktop line Intel bros and those of AMD. And all that while still using shitty notbook ram in single channel configuration.

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  1. Erm....

    Holy crap!


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  2. Wow! too much threads for the Dothan! Thanks to 2Megs of Cache, this make a quite big CORE!

    Lookin' to fill that <font color=blue>GOD</font color=blue> shape hole!
  3. Those results are pretty stunning. for some reason though, none of the images on the first page load. The benchmark graphs do though.

    BTW, either babelfish has (suprisingly.. :wink: ) slightly mis-translated some of this, or these guys seem to view their hardware from a very religious angle... :lol:
    Never try to reproduce such heresies under penalty of integral destruction of the material having been used for the tests.

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