Replace GPU in Dell Studio XPS 16?

Im looking at a new Dell Studio XPS 16 laptop, but they give you no choice for the GPU, and sell it with a ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5730 - 1GB, a nice card to be sure, but I'd like to make this laptop a hackintosh and install OS X, which has limited to no support for the ATI 5 series cards. So, my question is, is it possible to easily buy another graphics card and swap it with this one?

This video review shows how the GPU is placed in the laptop (jump to about 8:25)
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  1. It's technically possible. But it's not the type of modification you'd want to try yourself. You'd want to have a tech with the right skills, parts and tools to do it for you. And the replacements cost a lot more than you might expect.
    -> Your problem is that the ATI and Nvidia graphics modules aren't interchangeable. You can replace an ATI card with an ATI card, but not an Nvidia card.
    They're packaged on different modules.
    Here is a Nvidia MXM module

  2. hmm, are you saying that swapping it with another ATI card is feasible without extra help?
  3. On a XPS 1647 at least, the GPU is soldered, on the motherboard.
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