Should i use Win7 Ultimate for a hybrid client(without hdd and bootinbg from net

Hello, i have a light pc, which has an Intel Atom 510, dual core HT and 2GB DDR3. I would like to use it as an Hybrid client, ´cause i want it to boot form network. the problem is that i´m not sure which OS sould i install it. I used to use WinXP SP3, and i´m considering to install Win7 Ultimate. The question is: is 7 going to be very heavy for this? Should i use XP instead? THanks!!!
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  1. W7 32-bit would be fine, as its 1.66Ghz DC, but does the onboard network card support booting across a network? For my 2 cents, if your just going to be using it as a web browser and light office use, stick a SSD in it.
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