Hooked up my 26" HDTV to PC but...?

Today i hooked up my 26" VIZIO HDTV to PC with HDMI but the desktop and text looks jagged and fuzzy.. but when i played a 1080p movie, it looked amazing, I have a powerful graphics card so i know thats not a problem. i have tried Cleartype and DPI text scaling but both didnt do much, help pleaseeeee
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  1. If you're hooking up the PC via HDMI, you may need to adjust the overscan/underscan settings for your video card. Also make sure you have the PC set to output at 1920x1080.
  2. i only see a option to pick underscan/oversscan in the NVIDIA control pane, not any settings for it
  3. I'm not familiar with the nvidia control panel, but you should have a slider to adjust how much overscan or underscan is used. Could you provide a capture of your nvidia control panel with that option visible, and maybe a close-up photo so I can see the text problem you're talking about?
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    its only a drop down thing and if you are to select one, nothing really changes
  5. Does the "Resize Desktop" button have an effect with different selections, or that picture with sliders?
  6. yes what that does is allow me to have a custom resolution that fits my screen, now now i have a odd resolution (1810 x 1020). without resizing my desktop, i cant see the taskbar or anything with the native 1920 x 1080. it also doesnt help out with the jaggy text
  7. I only have 1 TV connected to a PC via HDMI, and that PC has an ATI card, so it's hard for me to help you. Would connecting the PC to the TV with a VGA cable be an acceptable option for you? That probably wouldn't hit the same overscan issues. Otherwise, I will have to step back (figuratively speaking) and let another forum-goer who has experience with connecting an nVidia card to a TV help you.
  8. thanks for the the help anyways. I have figured out the VIZIO TV doesnt support resolutions of what i want. so i will just hook up my LCD monitor that i got with the computer which is pretty decent 22". Last question, will DVI provide the same quality as HDMI?
  9. See this line from Wikipedia:
    HDMI is backward-compatible with single-link Digital Visual Interface digital video (DVI-D or DVI-I, but not DVI-A). No signal conversion is required when an adapter or asymmetric cable is used, and consequently no loss in video quality occurs.

    There may be differences in cable quality, but those correlate more with how much the cables cost than with DVI vs. HDMI
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