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I currently run win 32bit with 4g or RAM (2.75 useable). It I were to upgrade to win 64 bit would I get the 1.25g of memory back? Simple question I know but I'm not well versed with this stuff. Thanks
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  1. There is no upgrade from 32bit to 64bit, it will required a reinstall of windows.

    A 32bit system able to use 3.2 GB, so install 64bit will give you another .8GB more.
  2. It should. See here -

    However there is no way to directly upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit, so you will have to do a reinstall.
  3. Worth reinstalling? Yes, .8GB can make a small difference in repsonsiveness at the cost of a very tiny performance hit in some games and apps. Taking memory to 8GB will more or less offset that.
  4. Ya I should have clarified. I meant upgrade as in a new install. Thanks for the responses and help.
  5. I understood what you meant yes the "upgrade" from 32bit to 64bit will increase the amount of memory your O/S can access and if you have a multi-core processor it should run better as well. Since I've "upgraded" I've noticed even my internet runs faster I've been very pleased with the result. Just be sure you software programs you need to use support the 64bit O/S and you have 64 bit drivers for you printer and your other devices as well before you upgrade. Many manufacturers don't offer 64bit drivers for older models, but want you to buy the new versions instead. Going from 4GB to 8GB should give you a good performance to cost upgrade going to 16GB not so much.
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