Which is better for gaming?

Processor i5-3450
Memory 6GB DDR3 1333 D GB
Hard Disk 1TB Sata 7200RPM
Comunications LAN: 10/100/1000 Mbps
Graphic Dedicated: NVIDIA® GT630 (2G/D3)Intel® HD/2000/3000 Integrated
Drive DVD 24X DVD Super-multi
Sistema operativo Windows®7 Home Premium 64 Bits
Software "Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security TrialOffice 2010 starternero 9 EssentialsMicrosoft PackAdobe Reader"
Audio System Incorporated



Processor Intel® Core™ i5-3450
Memory 6 GB
Hard Disk 1 TB SATA 3G
Comunications LAN Ethernet Gigabit 10/100/1000 Integrated, LAN Wireless 802.11b/g/n
Graphic Card AMD Radeon HD 7450 (1 GB dedicados)
Drive DVD Gravador de DVD SATA
Windows®7 Home Premium 64 Bits
Software Microsoft® Office Starter
Audio System Console Beats Audio™; Áudio HD 7.1
Interfaces N/D


Keep in mind that I'll mostly play GTA SA and Minecraft.
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  1. Voting witout saying why, won't be taken into consideration.
  2. Neither would be considered for gaming, both of those video cards are horrible.
    Could build a much better computer for that price.
  3. i voted the same though the GT 630 would be better. but the best is to skip any graphics card from where you are buying this prebuilt and getting one on your own.

    and chances are you will need a better PSU then the junk that is usually put in.
  4. Assuming these are not laptops, you do not want to build you own desktop and these are your only two options. Buy the cheaper one and spend to difference to put a amd 6670/nvidia 560 in it.

    There should be better options out there though...
  5. When your initial intent is gaming, look at the CPU and graphic card first. You're good on the processor, you're good on the RAM, you're not good on your gaming card.

    Like xFriarx said, get the cheaper rig and go for 6670 or 6770 or better.
  6. Thanks guys!
    Btw can it run Skyrim?
  7. Psergiop2 said:
    Thanks guys!
    Btw can it run Skyrim?

    not without a better video card... what resolution are you going to be playing at? And what power supply unit do each of them have?
  8. I dont mind Low.
    I dunno how to answer the 2ºQuestion.

    Also heres the shop:http://www.boxjumbo.pt/Frontoffice
    Top budget is 669€
  9. I'd say you should get sizable performance on the cheaper one, and if not, try and get more RAM.
  10. Also, get a better graphics card if possible.
  11. I will if possible.
  12. Also, AMD Radeon HD 7450 isn't good?
  13. no its bad, get atleast a gtx 650 ti or 7770, at lowest a 7750 imo.
  14. In Youtube it seems decent
  15. I don't think the 7450 is any better than integrated graphics, but i can't seem to find it anywhere in benchmarks other than this one...


    Ok I found this:


    the 7450 is the 6450 just rebranded.

    if you look at this you will see the 6450 is one tier above the intel integrated graphics HD4000 (and same tier as some of the integrated AMD ones).

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