Harmon Kardon HK395

I was recently given the sub-woofer (only) for a HK 395 but not the speakers or the special wiring connection from the unit to the speakers. It would be a waste to throw out a good sub-woofer so, is there any way to wire another pair of non-HK speakers in to the system?

Thank you.

R. Bruce
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  1. have you tried using an amp??? i had a similar problem but not with the harmon kardon. I used different speakers and used an amp to connect it. I did have to do some wire splitting though
  2. I can't recommend trying it. 2.1 systems are balanced around very specific speaker specifications, which include very very high, or low impedance levels. Placing a non brand speaker into the mix will probably work, but will quickly burn out the electronics due to incorrect power levels to the sub, and satellite speakers.
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