How can I enable a time restriction but no password lock on a user acc

Accounts with parental controls on to enable time restrictions are beyond annoying because the require a password to install or download any update or program, and many programs require passwords to use.

How can I bypass this idiotic "feature" while still enabling time locks.
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  1. I am not understanding what you wish to accomplish can you give a little more detail about whats going on
  2. Not sure I entirely understand the question....but it sounds like you want to enable parental controls, but want to avoid having to password your own account?

    I'm not to sure about all the setting/password requirements for user accounts. But based of your question, could you just make another administrator account to set the parental restrictions desired and password that account in order to leave your account without a password?
    However, since your account would not have a password, the user you are trying to restrict could log in under your account and change the restrictions (assuming your account is an administrator account as well).

    Not sure if that would work, or if someone else out there, that knows more about user account restrictions, has a simpler solution...
  3. Sorry for not being specific. What I mean is that when I enable a time restriction on a user account, any time I use the account w/ the restriction, you have to enter a password in order to download anything or access certain files. I'd like to not have that enabled, all I want is the time lock and no more. Is there any way of going about that?
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