Gateway for wireless network

i am looking for information regarding .. how could i make my server computer running as gateway ..
on window 7 ..
thanks a lot
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  1. in detail, what do you want to do...?
  2. Internet Connection Sharing. There are some wireless cards that include the ability to work as a wireless router to support ICS through it.
  3. a gateway is a device that sits between two networks, such as a private LAN (home network) and a public WAN (internet).

    If you have a server, something like a PC running Windows Server 2008, it would be fairly difficult to try to configure it for router functions. I would imagine that you'd need two NICs and some kind of software firewall that is able to manage and block port communication between the two.

    Why would you want to use a server as a gateway router instead of just buying a gateway\router?
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