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Hi there,

I am trying to set-up my PC so that it uses different speakers for music playback versus other PC sounds.

It's a fairly old PC, but have a Cyrus two amp with Canon 'dome' speakers connected to it via the sound card. This allows me to get some decent playback on my music collection. I have also connected two small PC Line speakers via the motherboard which I want to set as the default for games/normal desktop sound as this is less intrusive (my PC is in the lounge) for others.

Is there a way to auto-switch between the speakers in this way perhaps via Windows settings or piece of software?

Many thanks.

PS - I use Media Monkey and Winamp for music (free versions).
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  1. If you click your little speaker in your windows task bar, select mixer. in this sound control panel, you can click the application's icon, and it will bring up a separate control that will allow you to change that application's default sound device. I have run into a few issues with HDMI playing nice with this method, but if you aren't using HDMI, shouldn't be a problem. This does save the settings as default, so when you re open winamp, they should always play through your designated sound card. Also, using a USB sound device can cause issues, as headphones tend to take over sound assignments.
  2. Hi there. Thanks for your reply. For some reason it doesn't give me the option to set the defaults for Winamp as you described. I haven't managed to get the settings sorted yet using this, but will keep tinkering.
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