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I have several ideas for card games and board games. I know there are sources out there that will print them for me, but for my needs, I'm looking to install a printer in my home for this task. I have not been successful in my online searches.

I need to a printer that:
* minimum - can print off deck of cards and boards for the games. The boards can be the same thickness as the cards, but thicker stock would be good.
* better - if the printer can print both sides without me feeding it through manually
* even better - if it can print onto really thick pieces of stock for certain games. This is a want, not a requirement.

I need media for
* cards - I don't know if it's a sheet that gets fed through or is a stack of cards that each gets printed.
* boards - I assume there are options like 6"X6" or 10"X10" that I can feed into the printer. I'm looking for thick and flat that can be used with whatever printer I purchase.

I am wanting a good quality printer (and I figure this won't be cheap).

thank you,
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  1. you might want to check out the first few links on this search:

    i'm thinking that a cardstock printer would work fine for something small scale. the cards could then be cut out with a papercutter.

    as for the board, you could just get a printer/plotter capable of printing out a single sheet in the size you need and then glue the sheets onto cardboard stock that you have sized correctly. they might even make glossy adhesive paper. for durability you could always get a large laminating machine which you could use on the cards as well (if you wanted to go that far..)

    as for media perhaps something like this...
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