Akai GX_260D Tension Wire

I recently acquired an Akai GX-260D. It operates very well except that the tension wire would not stay in place. It keeps falling off after played a couple of reels. What should I do to make the tension wire stay upright and operable?

Thank you very much.

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  1. sometimes there is belts or springs that operate the tension, sometimes there is freezing from lack of lubrication...
    you have to look inside and replace the belts, or whatever.
  2. hank you very much for your help. I have looked inside. The reed switch appeared to be depressed/activated by the teflon block with the tension wire attached to it. I took your advisement and lubricated the reed switch actuator as well as the teflon block pivot. However, playback sometimes works but most often it won't not work, i.e. the forward or reverse switch would not engaged.

    Any suggestion is very much appreciated.
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