New PC Build - Advice/Verification?

As the subject line indicates, I am hoping to receive some validation on the component list I created at I haven't built a PC in 7 years, and things have changed quite a bit.

I'm gearing towards a gaming PC, as might be obvious based on the configuration I put together. Any advice on additional items I might need that is not on the list would be appreciated. For example, will all the required cabling come with the components? Is there anything I left out (minus the monitor, which I already have)?

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  1. Any reason you selected SODIMM RAM for a desktop?? It won't work, get some regular RAM.

    Also, you sure you want beige drives?? I know the case has a door, but it's still gonna be ugly.

    And yes, all cables are included there.

    Also, when looking for a black DVD-RW drive, look at the NuTech DDW-082, excellent overall performance (the best right now, for only $15 more than your current one).

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  2. If you spend little extra, then you can get LiteOn SOHW-812S instead of 411S

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