What would be best for recording?

Hi, Tom's!

I'm the proud owner of a new i5-2500k system, and bought a dedicated sound card (Asus Xonar DG, cheap but good) for my recording needs. But I'm now faced with an issue.

I record lots of vocals, but I'll also be playing Guild Wars 2 and chatting with my dungeon/WvW buddies and guildies through TeamSpeak. I own the Samson GoMic USB Condenser Microphone, and I'm wondering if I'd get better quality by using a slightly cheaper mic, but through my sound card's 3.5mm input plug.

I'd also like suggestions as to what mic would be best for my purposes :D it needs to be set up on my desk, and it needs to be able to stand by itself (I can't be holding it all the time). Unidirectional would be best, omni would be unfortunate but doable.

Also, as an aside, would I be able to use a unidirectional mic in conjunction with 2.1 speakers without any interference issues while gaming?
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  1. SM58, but you will need an adapter to plug it into your computer.
  2. I already bought my Samson Go, but a few questions anyways (in case I ever buy the Shure piece).

    a) Does the SM-58 stand well on my desk? Is it uni or omni?

    b) Is it good quality and does it have a good windscreen?
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