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I currently have a windows 7 on a standard HDD. I'm planning to reinstall it on an SSD. My question is, how am I able to remove windows from my HDD once I get to that? I want to remove it for obvious reasons such as space. I've tried it before on other HDD's but never worked for me saying I wasn't able to. Thanks.
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  1. First, detach your old HDD when you install a fresh copy on the SSD. If it's an OEM copy you probably will have to call Microsoft to activate it. No problem.

    Then, when everything's up to date and activated, reinstall you HDD and remove what you want. You may have to do it in Safe Mode.
  2. What I would do is install the SSD when you get it, and then disconnect the HDD. Install Windows on the SSD, get everything configured, make sure the SSD isn't defective, all that. Then reconnect the HDD and format it. Then you can use the HDD for storage of whatever you see fit.
  3. Thanks guys. It'll be a while before I update you on the progress of it.
  4. Like scott said, but you could get your data from the HDD before you format it.
  5. I got my SSD working perfectly well. Thanks anyone. But there's this one weird thing that has always gone on with my system. At the start, there's a black screen that pops up for about 7 or 8 second that says "Loading operating system" I know it's not a big deal but I'd like to get the most speed out of my system. If there's any way of removing it or if it's normal to home built computers, then it'll be nice to know.
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