Subwoofer for Yamaha NS-10M Studio.

Hi everyone!

I bought a pair of Yamaha NS-10M Studio. It sounds great, but i would like to control low tones. Ns-10s reproduce only medium and high frequencies, so it is hard to listen any bass sound.

I need a subwoofer for them. My type is: Samson Resolv 120a, E-Mu Ps12 or maybe typical consumer, home theater subwoofer - Yamaha YST-SW215.

I produce dance/club music, so bass sounds play a important role.
I know, the best solution to buy far-fields monitors like JBL etc..
But they are expensive and very large for my small, home recording studio.

Are the above-mentioned models will be good? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Yes a sub will make it better, you want to go for one with a built in electronic (adjustable) crossover and amplifier.
    BUT the trick is that you need a preamp with preamp out / power amp in
    So it depends on your current preamp and power amp or integrated amp...which do you have? Does it have pre out / power amp in? This determines what sub will work on your system...
    If you do not have pre out/ power amp in, then you can go for a passive sub that works from the existing amplifier...but does not have adjustable crossover.
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply
    I have a Crest Audio amp - model Vs 1100.
    There are two input for channels A and B (TRS) and output for speakers (terminals)
    I would like to hook up for example Samson 120a via 'Preamp level" IN/OUT (RCA connectors)
    i think it will be work fine.
    What do you think?
    So the signal will be work from audio interface channels to subwoofer`s PREAMP INPUTS (Rca) and then PREAMP outs to Vs 1100, which will send the signal to NS-10.
    I hope it is ok and has sense.
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