Laptop for starcraft 2

I'm planning to buy a laptop; priority is to run starcraft2 fluently on medium details (for more than just 2 players, what means a lot of units).

graphic must be gf9xxx or better, 2gb ram or better, and processor qualitatively similar to other parts (if you have your own experiences with running sc2 you can ignore my suggestions).

I'm looking for laptop as cheap as possible.

I was told to buy Acer Aspire AS5740G-334G32MN Intel Core i3 i3-330M 4GB 320GB 15,6'' HD5650, but maybe there's something cheaper.
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  1. The cheapest midrange gaming laptop would be the Acer model that you found
  2. its price range around $900
    found other choice are Gateway NV73A10u LX.WMF02.001($800)
    Acer Aspire AS7551G-5056 ($750)
    MSI GT627-216US ($700 - used)
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