Toshiba Hard Drive MK2555GSXF

This is my opinion I think Apple should install a better HD than the one used in the MBP 2010-2011 models. I am referring to the Toshiba HD costing only$30.00.This is a shame on Apple's part to use this inexpensive HD when you are spending thousands of dollars to get their laptops. What do you think? mf
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  1. Well currently I believe Apple is beginning the transition to flash-drive based storage. I think in the 2012 MacBook Pro release, the boot drive will be flash-based.
  2. Do you really think so? why did Apple put the same 5400 HD in the new MBP line? Just for more money to make.If the MBA has it why not MBP maybe this is a redundant question but it not fair to the consumer to spend all that money and get screwed again and again.
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