Images Don't Load in XP

Hoping someone can help me fast, all of the sudden in Win XP no images load on websites(including this one)all I get is a bunch of little red X's with a blank background. Any clues?
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  1. Check your <b>Internet Options</b> (<font color=red>Advanced</font color=red>). Make sure there is a check mark on <b>Show pictures</b> (Multimedia section)..

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  2. Thanks for your quick reply, had already checked that out & the box is checked. I believe at one time I had this problem in win98se.
  3. You running a 3rd party firewall? I don't know why I'm asking, but I just thought that trying to surf with it disabled might show you if that might be the case.

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  4. If you run a firewall program it may have a pop up ad banning program running, if not look at relaxing the privacy settings in Internet explorer or whatever browser you use to allow cookies.

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