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Hello everyone!

I have problem with front panel audio and mic. I connected all pins in motherboard and in "Sound" control panel I have 4 devices: Speakers, Headphones, S/PDIF and AMD HDMI! When i check properties in Headphone device, it shows that "Jack information" is "Front Panel 3,5mm Jack" that means that all connectors on mother board is good. Then comes my problem, when i plug in in front panel headset with mic, it still shows that "Not Plugged In", Headset is right, beceause tried in rear panel it worked just fine, only at front panel it says that it isn`t plugged in!

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  1. My guess is probably you either have the wrong header plugged on the motherboard, or you have it seated off. The motherboard simply knows a front panel jack exists, not if it is correctly plugged in. If you have two audio headers (AC97, or HD Audio), make sure your front panel is correctly seated in the connector, and your front audio panel supports it.
  2. I already tried to change in the BIOS from AC97 to HD audio, still the same thing, looked at motherboard and case manuals for correct connection, but still nothing! Tried like 10 different postions for pins! I don`t know what to do any more.
  3. I had a hard time finding where to disable front panel jack detection - but that's what worked for me!

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