Vintage auido problems

Hi i have a Akai AA-1040 and it has a terrible crackle in the right channel. I have the service manuel and have tested the idle current and the zero potential and got them spot on, it then worked fine for about 15 min then the crackle came back tested again and the idle and zero potential are out of whack again they wonder up and down and don't settle.
Please help such a beautiful sounding unit i don't want to replace it.
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  1. you can have dirty adjuster control pots on the circuit board, clean and readjust
    you can have bad solder connections, worn out relays, dirty jacks and switches...All this stuff causes crackle....
    a bad signal transistor inside the unit will also cause this. An experienced tech could fix it for you probably.
  2. Hi thanks sounguruman it was a combination of bad adjuster pots and a couple of bad signal transistors. Luckily i was able to source replacements locally and painlessly changed them all up and it now sounds just like its new.
    Thanks again.
  3. Clean the controls / adjuster pots with Deoxit D-100
    Clean the jacks with Deoxit G-100
    keep the dirt and oxygen out...and it keeps going.
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