New supposed gaming laptop cant play a game in high??

hi there,

with the purchace of this nice laptop i wanted to be able to play Everquest 2 in extreme mode....

i guess that was to much to ask as when i try playing in extreme mode i only get around 8fps.. VERY! unplayable..

here is the laptop and specs.

i5 2.3ghz with turbo boost.
7200rpm hdd.
1gb Gddr 5 gpu.
4gb ddr3 ram.

should that not be able to play a 6 year old game in max settings? sure in some low populated zones it can run extreme at about 4-50fps, but so can my hp non gaming laptop..

my non gamer laptop is as follows.

AMD ultra II dual core 2.4ghz.
4gb ddr2 ram
1gb ddr3 gpu
7200rpm hdd

can also run eq2 on extreme in some places with about the same frame rate as the higher end laptop?
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  1. The best buy link doesn't work, and you don't mention what graphics card is in the machine.
  2. I know this is off topic but I did a search on BB site for 9736955 and found this
    Asus - Laptop with Intel® Core™ i5 Processor - Blue/Black
    Model: G60JX-RBBX05 | SKU: 9736955
    Intel® Core™ i5-430M processor; 4GB DDR3 memory; 6-cell lithium-ion battery; DL DVD±RW/CD-RW drive; 16" widescreen; 500GB hard drive; built-in webcam; facial recognition; Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    This machine has NVIDIA GeForce GTS 360M
    I have read many posts with full BB links and they never seem to work properly with IE 8 in win 7. This method has worked for me.
  3. yes sorry i forgot to add that its a NVIDIA GeForce GTS 360M

    any ideas as to why it cant play everquest 2 on maximum settings very well?
  4. The GTS 360M is not exactly high end compared to any desktop cards so maybe you need a better card for the max settings at the resolution you are playing
  5. no one is talking desktop cards and actually the 360M is decent compared to alot of desktop GPU's its a middle class, class 1 note book gpu.. GDDR 5 1gb running at over 1400hz.. i think its a RAM issue.
  6. Sorry your right according to hierarchy charts it should be roughly around a desktop radeon 4830 which should play it fine at high settings. Try running a benchmark like Sisoftware sandra and see what that says the graphics processor and RAM are performing like.
  7. ok, ill try that.

    is there any free benchmark programs that will do that?
  8. Just a few questions: Are you gaming on battery or outlet? What are your temps while gaming? What are your Windows power settings? Have you tried a different driver set for the card?

    Also, check the actual clock speeds on your card. Something may have gotten changed.
  9. the laptop is plugged in all the time..

    windows power setting is set to max performance

    why would i get off the wall driver for a new laptop? what would you recommend?

    still want to know why my non gamer lappy can hang with this thing very easy..
  10. Drazhar said:
    ok, ill try that.

    is there any free benchmark programs that will do that?

    Yes Sisoftware sandra is free for the basic version for non comercial use
  11. Drazhar said:
    why would i get off the wall driver for a new laptop? what would you recommend?

    Just because the laptop is new doesn't mean that the drivers that Asus made when it was released are new. Check Asus' website and NVidia's website to see if they have newer drivers for the 360M.

    Also, go into the NVidia control panel on your laptop and check the "system information" section. See what your clock speeds are listed as.

    The 360M should certainly be a faster card. Something is definitely not right.
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