Feeling stupid please help

I need to know If you can send digital component audio to a split that goes in to red/ white audio in the DVD player/ surround sound has optic & red/ white in and the TV only has the digi audio componit out.

Help please

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  1. Well, let's straighten a few things first. Component video, is only video, it does not carry audio. It is an analog video signal that is capable of sending HD television formats. Digital audio is separate, and is carried via a Digital audio output (Coaxial, or optical). Your question was rather difficult to read, but If I gather what you are asking... You are using a home theater system that contains a component video output to your television. Your Television has digital audio outputs on it. Connect your component video out of your HTIB system into your television set. Your HTIB already has audio decoding inside of it. If you are wanting to connect your HTIB to your TV to use the TV speakers, you need a standard RCA audio cable to the matching component input on your television set. If you watch television over the air, or with cable directly into your set, you can connect the digital audio cable from the output on your television to the input on your HTIB.
  2. its a digi coax cable output on the TV and the HTS has the optical and red white analog both those are inputs. so your close how ever what i need to know is can you take a digi coax sound an use a y cable to splite that to red / white?
  3. well now i feel even dumber if that is even possible i found what i need. thank you for reminding me what i new already it help me see it more clearly the item needed to do what i need is this http://www.amazon.com/Digital-Coaxial-Toslink-Optical-Converter/dp/B001622FL8/ref=sr_1_10?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1342835181&sr=1-10&keywords=optical+to+digital+coaxial

    So thank you vary much.
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