Headphones for making Goa Trance, plus questions about amp/soundcard

Hello everyone,

Suffice to say, i cant go for studio monitors for certain reasons (neighbors with a baby etc), i must go for headphones

I will be making bassy Goa with strong lows, so i think I will buy Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro for this, as i heard its a real bass monster plus a great monitoring headphones overall. By the way I will probably pair it with a friends old M-Audio Fast Track Pro (a crappy card I know)

My questions is this. There are two versions of these headphones - 80 Ohm and 240 Ohm. I heard that less Ohms will require less power but more voltage, more Ohms will require more power and less voltage, correct?

So I was googling a bit, and it seems if I get the 80 ohms, nearly any soundcard will drive it well, but for 240 Ohm version i ought to get a headphone amp? Is this true?

Any advice is appreciated, because I'm really an audio noob. If someone can explain what lower/higher impedance on headphones would entail, and if my choice of headphones is good, Thanks

EDIT: Rig is i5/z68 btw

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    The 80 ohm draws more power than 240 ohms...
    you will need to turn it louder with the 240 ohm because 240 draws less power. Maybe 240 still won't be loud enough?
    Oh I see, the 240 is made for hooking 4 pairs to one power amp...probably.
    Probably right, the 240 may need a power amplifier. How many watts output is a sound card? Not much. It's more like a line out than a headphone out.
  2. Thanks.

    So in short :

    amp is advised for 240 , if i want a better sound

    and for 80 my sound card will do ?
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