Beats By Dr. Dre Sound problem

I just bought some beats a month ago and when i use it on my laptop, the backround sound is louder then the people that are talking. Any suggestions to help fix it?
P.S: If you know any place to help fix it please let me know.
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  1. Hmm, this doesn't belong in the high end audio section(not flaming). And I'm not sure what you are saying? Adjustments of your laptop audio manager might help. More info needed.
  2. beats by dr dre are complete garbage...why do people buy them?

    however in this case your issue is found in software......not with the headphones......possibly.....

    in games you can lower background noise and boost voices.

    in movies you can change your equalizer a bit but ultimately some movies just have poor voice to background noise ratios.

    in other cases... individual programs have individual volume controls. use them.

    it also wouldnt hurt to look at your soundcard options and modes if none of the above seems to apply.


    or... due to the nature of beats by dre dre the bass could be so rediculous and the treble so faint that it is the headphones. i know a pair of sony extra bass had this effect. in essence they were crap also.

    just an afterthought...
  3. Check you audio settings but Beats headphones do tend to muffle certain sounds from my experience and hence the reason why I hardly use them.
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