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I have been scanning the guides and faq but I am still having a hard time deciding on the best cpu/motherboard combination for me. I want two things from my system: I work with multiple vitual PCs so I want good performance and probably hyperthreading, and I also like to play grpahic intensive games too.
I have been looking at the P4 3.06 GHz with Hyper-Threading Technology cpu, but I'm bot sure if that is the best option for me. Any advice on cpu and mpotherboard to go with it is welcome.

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  1. Wow, this question is a bit odd since you're asking about an old processor! You must be out of the loop, so I'll fill you in a bit:

    The latest bus speed for the P4 is "800MHz", which uses a 200MHz clock and Quad Data Rate transfers. The 3.06 you refer to is "533MHz" bus, which uses a 133MHz clock and Quad Data Rate transfers.

    Now obviously 800 is larger than 533. And sure enough, the 3.0C and 3.0E outperform the 3.06.

    All 800MHz bus P4's have HT, even the lowly 2.4C. "C" stands for Northwood 800 bus core.

    If you're looking to build a P4 system, current hardware would include a P4 3.0C (instead of a 3.06), PC3200 DDR SDRAM (instead of PC1066 RDRAM), and an Intel 865PE/875P chipset (instead of the i850E).

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  2. Just what crashman said. Just make sure to keep the cpu cool.
  3. Does this cpu run pretty hot? what case/fans are good for keeping it cool? What is a good motherboard with the Intel 865PE/875P chipset?

  4. Most people who post reguarding presscots (except Zero) complain they run hot. If stock cooling doesn't do it ans you have tried reseating heatsink, try a nice vantech solution with a nice high speed fan-the higher the speed, the better the cooling and the more noice it makes. Case fans have the same issue, the higher the speed, the more noise. The possible alternitive is to use a larger fan moving slower. I have seen some cases with a single large fan (seems about 120-150 ) instead of 80. The big thing is to have good amounts of air flowing through the case-across the cpu heatsink. I have a Thermatake Xaser 3-nice big case, temp probe, and 7 case fans (only 20cfm). Try to wrap all the wires to promote good air flow through case.
    There are many good m/b manufactures. Asus, Msi,Abit.....
    The 865PE is the less expensive of the chipsets-875 is better, but more expensive (no matter the brand). There is another chipset that you may consider-VIA PT-880.
    I fully realize I have just created more questions than answers, but, you can not make an informed decession if you are not well informed.
  5. The P4 3.0C should come with a stock copper-core heatsink. It will do fine for your needs. Just make sure you have good airflow in your case. :smile:

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  6. Not always true, my boxed processor had aluminum heatsink. Purchased 2weeks ago. Let the temp and (more important) system stability be your guide-if it works good-great, if not look for better cooling solutions.
  7. You got the stock 2.8C heatsink? WHAT! News to me! I'm running a stock 3.2 heatsink lapped on my 2.8C. All the 3.0 heatsinks I've seen have the 3/4" diameter solid copper rod in the center. The 3.2's have a solid copper plate.

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