New PC, Found some software, questions

Okay, I am working on a desktop PC for a friend and his ex used it a lot, and now I'm finding a lot of software that neither he nor I know what the majority of it is for or purpose of it.

I will list them all and my general assumption of what I think it is for, please correct me and let me know the pros/cons of the software/programs. Thanks.

Disk Defrag - I thought Windows 7 already defragged and had a built in defrag utility?

GetFolderSize - Kind of speaks for itself, no harm in this I guess.

Avast Free Antivirus - I've heard good things about this, so this can be installed.

Ad-Aware - Does he need this since he has Avast?

iView - Not sure about this one

IrfanView - Not sure about this one either

Revo Uninstaller - Not sure

Unlocker - Not sure

Networx - Not sure

Novicorp WintoFlash - I'm guessing a file changer? from win to flash?

PureSync - Not sure

RealDownloader - Some form of P2P downloading?

Advanced System Care 6 - Some kind of PC monitoring?

EnhancemySe7en - Another monitor tool?

TinyWall - Firewall maybe?

SUPER - No idea on this one, lol. Just super software eh?

EaseUS ToDo Backup - Again, shouldn't Windows 7 already have a backup feature?

WiseRegistryCleaner - Didn't think you were suppose to mess with the registry...

TweakNow Powerpack 2012 - Not sure

Leatrix Latency Fix - Not sure

If anyone can offer me input and thoughts on the above, it would be greatly appreciated. He is only going to use this PC for gaming/school/multimedia, I am just trying to streamline, clean, and clean up space on the HDD, only 100G free.
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Revo Uninstaller < yes

    ccleaner < yes

    malwarebytes < yes < yes instead of avast
  3. Ok, is ccleaner a computer cleaner/management program? I'm guessing that is what enhance my seven, total systemcare, advanced system care 6 were? And why avast over Essentials? I thought avast was better? And malware bytes over adaware?
  4. malware bytes over adaware? < malware is way better,not even close.

    MSE is better than avast,but avast is decent
  5. Okay, and any thoughts on the other software? and are the default settings for ccleaner good and not to be messed with?
  6. Default is good.
  7. Ok, and any information on the other software?
  8. IrfanView < yes, one of the best free image viewer and editor

    Unlocker < maybe, this is a program that will help unlock any files / folders that can't be deleted

    RealDownloader < lets you download YouTube videos, you're better off using xVideoThief

    Networx < no, evaluates your bandwidth situation

    Novicorp WintoFlash < no, let's you build a bootable flash drive

    PureSync < depends, lets you synchronize and backup files and folders

    Advanced System Care 6 < no, CCleaner does the job

    EnhancemySe7en < no, system tweaking

    TinyWall < no, just another firewall

    TweakNow Powerpack 2012 < no, another tweaking utility

    Leatrix Latency Fix < no, is just a program that automatically modifies your systems registry to adapt your internet package sending / receiving
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