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So I build my new system but I have a hard drive from the old system with all my data (music, videos, pictures and documents). No matter what I do I can't take ownership of this drive or get the proper permissions! When I open up the permissions or owners tab in the properties sub-menu for the drive I don't see my current username as an option. If I manually type my username in it doesn't accept it?

I took ownership and set up permissions no problem for another older drive no problem, but this one remains stubborn.

Any ideas?
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  1. Here are some pics to let you know what I'm talking about.

    See, I can't select my new Windows 7 username as the new owner of this drive because the choice doesn't appear!? I managed to get the D drive sorted out no problem. These drives are the same amke and model.
  2. In case it's too hard to see in the pics, the security tab of both D: and E: are shown above. The choice of group or usernames is different for each Drive?
  3. Use a Linux distro to copy the data to a fresh FAT32 HDD and then format/repartition the one you're having trouble with. Then copy the data back if need be.
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