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Hello, i want to buy a new laptop,,,,should i get intel i3 or core 2 duo
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  1. Depends--what do you want to use it for? And what core 2 duo specifically?
    The i3 is a better processor for applications such as photoshop. However, in game performance it can lose out to a more powerful core 2 duo. Gaming systems tend to use either high-powered core 2 duos or core i5s, so a system with an i3 will likely not have as good a graphics card.
    That should give you a general idea, but to answer completely we need to know what you're looking at and what you want to use it for.
  2. what is better for gaming? is it core 2 duo? which 1 has good graphics and speed?
  3. As I said, it depends. If it's for gaming, I'd look for a Core 2 Duo with a high clock speed, that's probably better. However, a high clocked i3 could work too. Speed will all depend on the clock speed. I can't really say more than that.
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