Dothan Delays?

I ordered a laptop from a small vendor, but the computer is delayed because the Dothan 1.8 CPU won't arrive for a couple weeks. Apparently Dell is already shipping theirs. Are Dell and other large vendors given preferential treatment when receiving Intel's latest chips like Dothan 1.7, 1.8 CPU's? If this is so, it could be considered a practice of unfair competition on the part of larger vendors.
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  1. Probably...

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  2. Dell always gets first crack at new stuff. Intel wants to keep it's biggest customer happy.
  3. Pretty sure the big oems get the new chips earlier, but I don't see how that would make it "unfair competition" as intel is not officially a monopoly. Besides, its not like they give everyone the same price either (and neither does AMD I would think)

    I am a bit surprised though that the 1.8 GHz part are short in supply, I know the 2 GHz parts are nowhere to be found yet (not even Dell afaik), but I thought the lower clocked parts where readily available. Shouldnt take long either way..

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  4. What, intel late on releasing new processors-never heard of that.
  5. Dell is not already shipping theirs...more like June 2nd they will ship. Not even IBM, HP/Compaq, or any of the other biggies are shipping yet.

    That is HARDLY unfair practice, it's called making money faster--if you know Dell/IBM/HP/Compaq can purchase 1000s of the processors and get rid of them quickly (necessitation more processors), you will give them the processors instead of lots of little shops moving them at a slower pace.

    Any company with a brain for business will do this--it's called making money.

    Maxtor disgraces the six letters that make Matrox.
  6. It can be relate to the increase in inventory in Q1.If there too much PM banias left intel will wait to release dothan.Also OEM have there own stock they have to get rid of those.

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