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My problem is with windows explorer. When I go into games that are launched on my secondary HDD it minimizes it and puts me back on the desktop almost immediately. It's quite annoying if you can imagine. It only happens once and its not a huge deal but I'm wondering what's causing this?

Games that are affected: Steam games, most recently mw2, SC2,

Games that have not been affected by this so far: BF3, (On my primary drive along with OS)

This just happened now and the taskbar is completly gone but I can switch from SC2 back to the desktop on my command.

i5 3570k w/CM hyper 212+// P8Z77-VPRO
Intel 520 120gb SSD (OS, BF3, Apps)
16gb Corsair 1600mhz ram
1TB WD HDD (Storage) Green Drive
2 HD6870s' OC'ed to 950 1100
Raidmax 850w PSU Gold
Corsair 600t White.
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  1. Make a new user account and see if the problem affects that user account.
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