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I have heard that Bose is over rated and they are not as good as they advertise, I have also heard that Logitech is a good alternative to Bose because they are much cheaper and the sound quality is nearly as good. Is this true or have I been mislead?
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  1. why run from one devil to another? state your budget, uses, etc and avoid both :P
  2. Bose speakers have good quality builds and can get loud for their size, but sound is not what everyone likes. Last few I have heard are a bit muddy, the range does not seem to be all there.

    Logitech speakers are good but they have so many products you need to read reviews to see which you'd want to get. The THX series from Logitech are great, I have an older set of 4.1 THX speakers from them and love them. Cost about $250 when I got them.
  3. not sure why batuchka is saying to avoid logitech. there isnt anything wrong with them. the only thing wrong with bose is that it is poor value for the dollar and they are known to use substandard quality materials and make up for it with technology. again, if you like the product by all means buy it but at least know what you are buying.

    if your budget is $200 or under then i would say look into logitech as they offer good "value for the dollar". while they may not be the best speaker ever made they do not sound bad and you can get a nice 2.1 system for $50 and a 5.1 system for $100-150.

    bose speakers are highly overrated and overpriced. while not all of their products are bad per se they are expensive for what they are. you are paying for the name. for the same price you can get a different brand in a superior quality setup.

    if your budget is over $200, depending on what you want to do with the system can influence what you might want to look at. for instance if you were looking at the $500 logitech set you might want to look at home theater setups instead. just something to think on.
  4. Best is: go to a proper speaker forum where they truly know their stuff and i suggest the speaker sub forums of AVS for a great start :D
  5. Bose is less an audio company, and more a marketing company. They spend massive amounts of money catering to the 35+ crowd who doesn't want to screw around with purchasing separate pieces, and just want it to work. That luxury does cost you. When I was in CE sales, I learned one thing about Bose's marketing power. Never turn away the sale, that customer was never going to change their mind. For the same money, you can build a system that sounds better. Some people simply don't care. They want a turnkey system. That being said, they do have a few niche products that are absolutely a value for the money. The Cinemate, sound canceling headphones, and PC speakers are all a good value and performance.
  6. @batuchka

    are you trying to say that folks here at toms dont know their stuff? this sounds rather presumptuous and rude on your part if it is.

    while i do agree that reading from a dedicated audio forum is good advice, this bose vs logitech debate seems to be for pc speakers as i've never seen a logitech home theater speaker. quite a few of us at toms have owned the various models in question or previous generations and thus can answer questions from personal experience.

    also consider in general audio devices are a personal choice and even among those who would consider themselves audiophiles and audio elite finding a common opinion is not always an easy task. we all like what we like despite whatever anyone else recommends us.


    very true about bose as a company although i would have to disagree with the "good value and performance" part. all of the bose products i've seen and owned werent all that impressive even at the level of products $100 below bose's asking prices. with that said, their noise cancelling headphones are a novel idea however i ended up returning mine due to sound distortion in noise cancelling mode. perhaps they fixed this.


    back on topic:

    OP, you need to let us know your thoughts or this thread can be considered dead.
  7. @ ssdx

    Err nope - are u saying that not having tunnel vision and being open to more sources of information is bad for one to actually learn? That is infantile and just plain arrogant if u hold yourself as the end all and be all of all knowledge pertinent to audio :ouch: For you to have taken what i have said as a personal attack (instead of avenues for more knowledge) could be signs of low self esteem issues to me :non:
  8. @batuchka

    i stated no such thing. read my post again if you like.

    i will agree that i took your first post in the wrong manner. your response however doesnt make you a moral angel either. drop it and call it even.

    in any case, there has not been a response from the op in 5 days. unless there is a response there is no need to continue.
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