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i need an advice plz, I want to buy a headset for 70% gaming + 30% music, which one should i go for:
CM storm Sirus 5.1 true sound
Siberia v2
Logitech G35
Corsair Vengeance 1500

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  1. For best SQ/$$, i suggest a set of wired, stereo cans and a mic?
  2. i dont understand what you mean
  3. He means get a good pair of stereo headphones or cans and get a separate mic. as for gaming headsets the Astro's are pretty good too.
  4. Do you need a mic ? If yo have a webcam with a mic in it, or any other mic, you can just get a regular headset for Hi-Fi.
  5. Do you wear glasses ? That might be an important comfort factor in determining what headphones you need.
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