Surround sound?

Hi all,

I have a laptop with hdmi connection to my tv which works fine. I am looking for the cheapest and easiest way to connect up my 5.1 surround sound speakers to the tv/laptop.

I current have an amplifier with built in DVD player connected to the tv via SCART connection. The surround sound works fine when a DVD is playing. The amp does not have a hdmi port, I guess if it did I could plug the laptop to the amp via hdmi and then the amp to the tv via hdmi. This way I would get both picture from the laptop to the tv and sound from the laptop to the surround sound speakers.

Is there any easy/ quick way to solve this, thanks.
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  1. If your television has a digital audio output on it, you can use a coax, or optical connector from that output to your receiver's input. if not, you are stuck with a 1/8 minijack to RCA from your notebook's headphone jack, to the receiver's stereo input.
  2. Thanks, my TV does not have a coax or optical connector.

    Do you mean my laptop headphone jack to the amplifiers L and R phono connectors?

    Thanks again
  3. Yes, you will need to use one of the L/R audio inputs. Phono will not work, as it is a preamp stage, you will need to use another.
  4. Connect your HDMI cable from laptop to your receiver because the cable out from receiver goes to tv anyways. Just choose which port you want the HDMI cable to go in and switch input on receiver to it.
  5. He already stated his amplifier does not have HDMI in his original post.
  6. Hmm what inputs are on the receiver i.e is there coax/optical? You can pass video directly to the TV and if coax/optical are available on the receiver, pass audio to it?
  7. Thanks all

    Here is the Amplifier and specifications

    For this, could I go from the laptop headphone jack output to the amplifying audio input? Should work I think?
  8. Yep, you are correct.
  9. Thanks, it works... Front Left and Right speakers work... I wasn't expecting much from the others :)
  10. You can also change your audio mode to to AFD Pro Logic II with your AFD button. your system supports it, and this will give you a fairly good surround sound as well.
  11. Wow, thanks!!! Yes it works, lol I didn't even know that was possible. :)
  12. When I plug the laptop to TV via HDMI, the sound and video seems to be in sync... this is fantastic, but surprising. How are they able synchronise?
  13. The speed of the decoding is so fast you don't really notice any difference. There has been issue previously with HDTV synching, but it's either related to TV hardware and Gaming, or poor broadcast quality.
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