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Model: HP LaserJet P3005dn I'm using Mac OSX (Snow Leopard)

The machine will print out configuration when using the menu display buttons but documents sent to it will not. LAN is enabled. I open Bonjour and the printer is visible however when I double click it (select for more info) the link does not respond. The network port in back has a solid green light and a flashing orange/yellow light. I'm assuming that indicates a network problem.

In older models, I could switch the network card and/or switch the network card port and that often corrected the problem. However, this new model has the network card built directly as part of the format board. Any troubleshooting advice?
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  1. Did you try different network cables and ports on the switch? Printing directly to the printer with USB? Try a different computer?
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    1st thing to do - get a crossover cable and connect the printer directly to the computer to rule out any cabling/switch/router issues. I would also try a different computer, preferably a windows PC. If that fails then yes there could be a problem with the printer requiring replacement of the formatter board.
  3. Thank you so much for all the help. I did all three suggestions above. As it turns out, I had the formatter board replaced and now the darn thing is happy. :pt1cable:
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