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I'm planning to buy a wireless mouse/keyboard combo. I have an HDTV in the main room and my PC in another room. Because of the hassle of moving the PC+UPS+keyboard/mouse to and from between the rooms i rarely connect my PC to my HDTV. So I'm planning to run a 10m HDMI cable to my PC and use wireless mouse/KB. Do wireless KB and mouse work across rooms with many walls in-between?? Also does the HDMI signal quality degrade over 10m long cables??? thanks
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  1. thats about 32 feet. i think you can run hdmi for up to 50 feet (15-16m) before you need to get a signal booster.

    as for wireless signals, many wireless keyboards and mice are meant to work at relatively short distances like 2-5 feet. you can sometimes push such devices to work at 10 feet (.6-1.5m, 3m). some high quality keyboards such as the old logitech one i had which came in the mx1000 set have even further maximum ranges. i managed to push out about 40 feet from that through walls (12.5m) but with intermittant signal (it worked sometimes, didnt work others). i never tried testing a mouses maximum range.

    you could "try" using extender cables from your pc to your tv area and plug your kb+m receiver in to those extender cables (and move it back and forth) but i'm not sure if it will work or not as the distance is pretty large.


    since you don't want to move anything back and forth what you could try is this...

    have a KVM switch connected to your computer.

    have a wireless mouse/keyboard receiver connected to this as "A"

    have two cables going to your tv area connected to this as "B"

    connect those extension cables to a second wireless mouse/keyboard receiver. note: they do make KVM Signal boosters if you need them.

    to switch between the two all you'd have to do is flip the switch on the KVM switch from A to B or B to A. note: since its a pretty long distance there might be some delay between when you move the mouse/type on the keyboard and when it appears on screen but i cannot say for sure as i've never tested in your exact situation.
  2. thanks for the reply. i'm looking to buy Logitech Wireless Combo MK520. any idea about the range?
  3. looks like its under USD$40 so i'd say on the lower end of the spectrum.

    if you extend a cable to your tv room and have the receiver for the keyboard/mouse located around where the tv is... and if you sit on the couch... there shouldnt be any problems.

    then again, i haven't used that particular board and your situation/setup is not typical. i can't really say 100% for sure that everything will work out fine.
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