Gordon Moore retire from intel CEO



Glew moore noyce will have to retire or have allready retire.Craig Barret will leave soon also who will run chipzilla in 2 or 3 year.I would like personnaly having Pat "kicking" to take place.From what i know Paul otellini will be nb 1.So it will leave the president place open for others.

i need to change useur name.
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  1. Ok, english is not my native language either but in my opinion you should try to be a little bit more careful when typing. Although you have deffinetely posted worse posts than this in the past!

    As far as your topic goes, I actually couldn't care less (no offense intended) !!!
  2. Thats interesting. The history of intel is actually pretty interesting, how they got started as memory makers, they were involved with the first Integrated Circuits too. I read some book about it, can't remember the name now.

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  3. Funny I can read what he said guess being a ass its hard to read english that well.


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  4. Who made you his lawyer ?
  5. Who made you Mr. Intolerance of his poor english? The guys been here for ages and you all still gotta poke at his english. He tries and no one even notices, which is unfair since he is just as important as the next member.


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  6. Stupid double posts...<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Xeon on 05/27/04 09:35 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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