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Advice wanted: Which pin to sell?

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August 18, 2005 3:51:11 PM

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Although nowhere near the situation Craig Hassell is in, I've decided
that I must sell one of my pins. The T@Zis staying, as it's a nice
example and it's been discussed before. That leaves ST@TNG and RBI0N.

Now, I'm sure that many would call it a no-brainer and tell me to sell
the RBI0N. Here's why it doesn't seem so clear cut to me:

ST@TNG: Has some nice features. Clear-coated playfield, plastic
protectors, pinball pro sound, domes on the guns, Fryski (whatever his
name is--sorry) model work on the ships.

However, some of the inserts are cloudy and it's not the best example
of what a ST@TNG playfield could be. And, of course, it's a ST@TNG, so
it requires tweaking--and I already have T@Z for that. ;-) Finally,
as much fun as I have with it, ST@TNG is not, imho, a casual player
pin. T@Z is sure as hell not a causal player pin either. And I could
probably get more money of this modded ST@TNG.

RBI0N: Is a HUO pin, the only one I've ever had. I actually like this
pin. All the casual players do too. Has about 300 plays and I've had
to change out one flasher bulb. I don't anticipate having to do much
maintenance on it.

However, I got a very good price for it and might be able to make a few
hundred on it. And while it's fun in some parts, there are aspects
about it that still annoy me. In fact,


I broke down the other day, contemplating this decision and took off
the glass to learn some things. Being a Pat Lawlor game, I wanted to
know, what special thing happens when:
You get 99 penguin loops?
99 penguin loops and every penguin jackpot along the way?
99 Jewels?
99 Idols?
Well, I found out that you stop collecting penguin loops, and nothing
special happens. There's no added amount to the penguin jackpot at 99
loops. There's no special mode or bonus after getting 99 jewels. I
didn't even bother collecting the idols. Now, I know that Atlantis is
supposed to be cool and all, and I really love Frog Frenzy, but nothing
special for achieving these hard to hit marks? I was/am annoyed.

In fact, I think i just made my decision. And, frankly, there's a good
chance of being able to get NIB RBI0Ns 2 years from now if I want.

I love the therapy of this board!


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August 18, 2005 4:58:59 PM

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it's a no brainer mon, keep STTNG sell RBION. Out of my 10 machines
STTNG would be the last to go.

August 18, 2005 5:03:52 PM

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Its a no brainer - sell the ST:TNG and keep the RBION.

You basically answered you own preference in this posting.
August 18, 2005 5:08:48 PM

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Yeah, put then I thought--I just typed all this to only delete it? No
way! lol
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