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hi, lent som1 a stick of ram to add to their comp and their comp stopped working. it powered up the fans but with no beep and no POST, the monitor just displayed VIDEO CABLE CONNECTED? i have tried different sticks of ram, starting with no cards, no hard drive or grafix card, all but the cpu and fan and still had the same prob. thinking all was lost he bought new MB, cpu, hsf, grafix card, psu, ddr ram and a cd-rw/dvd rom. but ive fixed all that together and still have exactly the same problem. again i tried just the new mobo with cpu hsf and nothing, no beeps. i ve been in chat room a while trying a few suggestions but we seem to be at a loss for the next idea to try? the only items i have tried in both setups is the case, HDD and FDD. The case is the only item that has been in EVERY effort ive made, so would this be the problem? ANY help at all would be great.
This is the stuff i fitted today with exactly the same result as the original problem ...
PcChips Syntax Skt A SV266A REV:1.0
AMD Athlon 2000+ XP 0.13m 266FSB
Kingston 256mb DDR 266
Hightech ATI Radeon 7000 32Mb SDR TV-OUT
500w PSU Tri Colour Dual Fans
Speeze EEA01B2 Hawkstream AMD CPU Cooler
Liteone 52x32x52x16x IDE Drive (Combo) CD-RW/DVD-ROM

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  1. >500w PSU Tri Colour Dual Fans

    There is your problem, right there dude. I think you need 4 colours at least ! Oh, and a PSU (Piece of [-peep-] Unit?) with only two fans can't be good either as even <A HREF="" target="_new"> Fiona Horne </A> has more than that.

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  2. But i dont understand ... I had the exact same problem before i changed the PSU, i know its only a cheap one but its for a cheap setup. The problem remains the same with both PSUs, in fact exactly the same even after replacing MB CPU PSU etc.
  3. Just ignore him. He is our resident forum idiot.
    Just a guess here, did you connect the CPU fan the CPU fan header on the MB ? Does it have 3 wires ? Some motherboards won't boot if they do not detect a fan connected to the cpu fan header.

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  4. yea all ther fans are connected ok, i have just tried the grafix and RAM in my comp and was OK, when i tried the mobo in my case i had the same problem. does this prove that the mobo is dead? even though its brand new yesterday? and do you think the case could have caused 2 mobos to die like that? i dont want to try my mobo in his case if that could be the problem :o
  5. Tried just the basics with the mobo outside the case? It could also be a video card conflict. If you have a spare video card, try it first. Then check the jumpers on the hardrive, if it's new. Some work better using cable select, some with master-slave. I always use the second option.
  6. Did ya unplug the power supply when you changed that ram around? Getting some chatter on other forums about problems doing changes with the supply still plugged in. :smile:

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  7. Yah, it sounds like a missplaced standoff in the case.
  8. My friend had the same problem. 2 mobos dead in a day. Try using a different brand of mobo and make sure the bios settings are correct. Which fan are you talking about? CPU or chassis? Chassis fan usually run if the mobo is dead
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