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Hi everyone i am in the market for a half way decent set of speakers so i was looking to find a guide or someone to help me with this. I don't know the first thing about speakers all i know is that there are 2.1 ones and 5.1 ones after that i don't know which i need or what i need. I was looking for some help buying some i don't know what a good price range would be either i was thinking about 100-150 that sound about right. If i can get some decent ones for cheaper i will now i won't be getting these for another week or so but i wanted to be able to get some research done before i make my purchase. I would appreciate any help that someone can give me thank you. Also I'm going to be going to work pretty soon so if i don't answer don't think i abandoned the topic.
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  1. Firstly : are u getting up an audio set up for music or HT? For your price range strictly by going for SQ i would suggest dipping in the used market and go separates prolly 2.0/2.1? Also what/where is your listening position i.e would it be say 1-3 feet from the speakers or 10 or more feet away? AVS has a wealth of info and tips for peeps willing to learn about speakers, amps, subs, etc ^^
  2. I will be using this for home theater mainly watching tv shows and movies, my budget can be a little higher also because like i said i have no idea about prices. So im going to say that 100-200 is low end 200-300 high end and 300 and up high end. I will be sitting at a desk so i will not be very far from the system.
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    if you really want to start, i'd take a look at a small HTIB system, perhaps denon, or yamaha. They feature a 5.1 system, smaller speakers, but pricing can be more affordable. They are also not restricted by their amplifier like a true pc speaker system.

    Denon's DHT, and Yamaha's YHT systems from last year start at right about 300 bucks on ebay, and amazon

    Also check out They have some pretty good expert reviews on HTIB systems.
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