Core i3 330M temperature

m planning to buy a laptop with core i3 330M 2.13ghz processor.
so i would like to know its operating temperature.
can anyone post the screenshot of core i3 330m 2.13ghz processor temperature via hwmonitor software.
thanks in advance.
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  1. The TDP for 330m is 90 degrees (C). It depends on the manufacturer of the laptop when it comes to operating temperatures, i.e. what kind of heat sinks they use, case ventilation, etc...
  2. just bought sony vaio ea13 laptop with core i3 330M processor.
    did a temprature test.
    are these temperature normal: ??
    on idle ie normal use( surfing, music play, yahoo msngr ,gtalk running) temperature was :processor: 45*c to 48*c, hard disk: 42*c)

    on playing game:
    processor: 50 to 60*c hard disk: 50*c)

    my room temperature is aprrox 35*c
    reply asap
  3. Sorry for bringing up such an old thread, but I thought it would be rather pointless to open a new thread that has the same name as this one.
    I own a Hp G72 laptop with an i3-330M, but unless I'm putting books under back side, it overheats every time I play a game or use a cpu-intensive program. But even in that position, where the bottom side is free (5-10cm distance to the table) several programs show about 70-90°C (from more or less idle to gaming).
    Is that normal? I can't imagine it is, but I can hardly open my laptop to see if anything is blocking air circulation or something like that...
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