Clicking noise from my Macbook Pro

I just purchased a 15" Macbook Pro a couple days ago. All seems to be working great except for one issue. When I move my laptop even slightly, I get a clicking noise from the right side of my laptop. I could even be shifting my body a little bit to get more comfortable while its on my computer is on my lap and it will be sensitive enough to make this noise.

This is my first Macbook, but not my first laptop and I've never had this issue before which leads me to believe that this is weird.

I suspect it could be the hard drive?

When I'm watching a video off my hard drive and I shift around a little bit, I'll get the clicking noise and the video will skip.

Thanks, any advice would be great!
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  1. It's not the case creaking is it -- surely not on a Mac ? So sounds like a hardware issue -- if you're right about the link to jerky video. Back up your data and take the laptop back to the vendor.
  2. agreed, take is straight back to were you got it, and have it fixed or replaced right away. When it comes to expensive things, don't procrastinate .

    - Steadfast
  3. sound like the hard drive click of death. Take it back and have them replace your hard drive. If they refuse tell them to refund your money.
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