CPU Temprature readings?

Hello everyone,

One month ago i formatted and reinstalled Windows XP due to a virus issue. I never had any stabillity problems with my PC then and now. What troubles me is the temprature readings i get now, since i'm planning to overclock a bit.
Before what i was getting usually was: Idle-->CPU 36 C, System 30 C, under load-->CPU 40 C, System-->33 C.
After i reinstalled WinXP i noticed these temprature readings: idle--> CPU 51 C System 31 C and under load-->CPU 53 C, System 33 C.
In BIOS when i restart i get 44 C for the CPU which is what i get when Windows load second time (after one restart). The tempratures then are CPU 44 C, System 31 C for idle and 49-50 C and 33 C under laod.
I was monitoring the tempratures with Winbond Hardware Doctor but recently i installed ABIT EQ, no changes though since a restart is needed to get the same temprature readings that i get in BIOS.
I'm running an AMD Athlon XP 2400+ at 12X166 (temps are the same as 15X133). I'm planning to overclock to about 12.5X166 or 13X166 for the moment (not altering the FSB yet) but i am wondering if there is a problem with the sensor measuring the CPU's temprature?Are the BIOS readings trustworthy?I didn't touched anything on the motherboard, nor a BIOS flash-nothing at all.
Is there another way to measure the temprature on that CPU (for example a sensor on the heatsink how close tempratures to the CPU's could give)?
Just for your information, the pc case is always open and i have fan next to the Graphics Card for ventilation.
Any advice, opinion on this would be much appreciated.

AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (12x166)
1x512MB Kingston PC-3200 RAM (333)
Abit NF7-S rev2.0 (nforce2-Ultra400)-(UDP 3.66)
Ati Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB (3.9 Catalyst)
HDD:Seagate Baracuda IV 60GB 7200Rpm 2MB Cache-SATA Connected/Serial Adapter Sil3112A controller
Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 1
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  1. First off, the oc you mentioned shouldn't change the heat too much.
    Most sensors are very inaccurate, the only true test is when your system actually crashes.
    Expect the temps to rise as the room temp rises.
  2. quit pussy footing it!

    pump that multiplier up a whole step my man. and put the voltage up a good tenth as well .. then start worrying about temps

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  3. I strongly reccomend baby steps when overclocking.
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