Help choosing laptop/desktop combination for college

Hi, I will be moving for college starting September and am in need of a laptop.
My old desktop I put together 5 years ago died as well so I cant decide if I should get a overall laptop that will run games, or should i get a laptop just to take around and make a simple desktop with a video card.
My budget for laptop is $600-800, I've been looking around and there are quite a few options. My concern for Asus is i read a lot of reviews on bad keyboards, are they all like that or just a select few?
Also what would be better a Pentium dual cor 2.3ghz or a cor 2 duo at 2ghz?

Any advice will be appreciated. thanks
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  1. or what if i get a 13inch Macbook 2.26ghz 2gb ram 9400 video, for 899 with printer and carrying case
    and Just take my desktop along and pop a video card in it if i ever feel the need to play demanding games like grid, dirt.. etc..
    Or Why not just carry around a laptop that can play it and not worry
    uhh this is hard
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Fill the FAQ,we need more info
  3. A few thoughts for you:
    1) Consider a small netbook for carrying around, and a desktop for games. You can get a netbook for <$300. The advantage is light weight and portability. Use the savings for your gaming desktop.
    2) If you get a single all purpose laptop, Make certain that it has a discrete graphics card and screen size that will suit you for gaming.
    3) A SSD makes all the difference in the world for laptop performance. Consider looking for a unit with minimal hard drive space, and plan on replacing the drive with a small SSD. An Intel X25-V 40gb drive coats about $125, and you will probably get twice the capacity for your dollar by the end of the year.
    4) Any dual core cpu @1.8 or better will probably be plenty. A core 2 duo will be 15% faster, clock for clock than a older dual core cpu.
    5) Consider used/refurbished. Look at lenovo outlet, IBM used, and e-bay. See if you can find a T series with a good discrete graphics chip.
    6) Get a unit with the OS you want. Plan on reinstalling it to remove all the bloatware. Beg or borrow the appropriate OS, and plan on activating using the original product code.

    --good luck---
  4. So im better off with an okay laptop in the $550 range to carry around and I should build a desktop for the games
  5. im super hesitant on gateway
    my uncle got one a few weeks ago from best buy it was very uncomfortable
  6. Its a good laptop,but if you don't like gateway,what are your preferred brands ?
  7. 300$ netbook + killer gaming desktop is the way to go. with 700$ (800 if u dont have a monitor) u can build a very good desktop and which can be upgraded in the future.
  8. ^Well that's a matter of opinions IMO
  9. Look at Lenovo for laptops. The IBM thinkpad people went there, and they do some very good work. In perticular, I like the T series. Check out the Lenovo outlet or the IBM surplus store which will have some older units for a very good price. You get a refurbished unit with some sort of warranty.
  10. I saw a Msi A6200 today with cor it-430 turbo boost 15.6'' 4gb memory, intel gma hd graphics
    i really liked the screen display and the keyboard seemed very very comfortable for typing.
    it was for $549 if im not mistaken or $599
    However it has an integrated video card with a 5400 rpm hard drive
    Is it worth getting another laptop with 7200 hard drive and possible slower cpu but better video?
    Or should i just get this laptop with a desktop on the side with a real video card
  11. That depends on you,If you want to play games fine on your laptop,then GMA HD is a low-end card for gaming,and consider at least a 5650M for gaming
  12. See the thing is im really bad on deciding
    Wont it be better to put together a desktop to play games on, a budget desktop with decent video card will be very decent for games.
  13. Yes that's a good option,but you are the best person to decide what to do about it.
    Its a matter of opinions
  14. I say, build a desktop for games (you can probably get one that will play new games at low or medium pretty well) and then buy a little laptop for using in class.
  15. hyeedo said:
    See the thing is im really bad on deciding
    Wont it be better to put together a desktop to play games on, a budget desktop with decent video card will be very decent for games.

    To help you decide, put together detail costs for two options:
    1) Full function laptop.
    2) netbook + gaming desktop.

    Next, list the pro's and con's that are important to you.
    Then, YOU decide. You will be learning to make your own decisions in college; it's time to start now.

    Also, as a college student, you will be eligible for a windows-7 license at little/no cost. Perhaps you could defer the desktop build.
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